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What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a well structured writing piece. Generally, a dissertation responds to a thesis, (a topic or question), ultimately developing a coherent argument on the thesis. Usually, it is relatively longer than other essays and is normally organized into chapters. A dissertation might cover the same topics you have written in your course, but it goes further to cover the topics in depth. For essays, students are usually given titles for their essays, but for dissertations, students have the option of selecting a title by themselves. Usually, a dissertation includes an abstract, a comprehensive introduction, a literature review (this is extended for secondary studies), results, discussion, and conclusion. To better understand what is incorporated in structuring a dissertation, we have provided dissertation samples.

Undergraduate and Masters dissertation writing services

We provide all masters dissertation writing services, these include writing the mba dissertation from scratch, dissertation editing and writing dissertation sections. The sections could include; introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and conclusion. Our writers are highly qualified and trained professionally for handling any type of masters dissertation. We have a team of highly qualified writers who have good command on grammar, vocabulary and hold an experience in handling dissertations. They provide masters dissertation writing services to the users with great perfection.

Online Custom Undergraduate Thesis Writing Service

There are different forms of dissertations. Among the key differences between dissertations is if they incorporate primary research (data collected solely for the dissertation purposes), or are exclusively secondary research (already existing data). Whether you will conduct primary or secondary research depends on several factors such as your personal preference, your subject’s normal practice, and the available research in your field of study. Primary research takes diverse forms: you can carry out fieldwork, conduct an experiment, or collect data through interviews and questionnaires.  In addition, it is essential to consider the ethical standards of your research, especially if you are conducting primary research. For example, if your research involves human subjects, you must consider the impacts that your research will have on them.

PHD dissertation writing services

Writing a PhD dissertation is one of the biggest challenges that a student can face. It’s like writing a book: you not only need to know what to write, but also how to present it correctly. You can’t just write good content; you need to know how to choose the best possible way of presenting your ideas and persuading your examiners (your teachers) that your work is original, challenging and significant. Writing the PHD dissertation is one of the most important moments in an academic career. It requires deep understanding of subject, which results in finding new ways to solve old problems. Whether you need PhD thesis writing help, an MBA dissertation, or a college term paper, our professional writers are here for you. We offer a wide range of PhD dissertation writing services that can assist anyone from students to mid-career professionals as well as professors and academics.

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Is writing a dissertation stressful?

Yes. A dissertation is probably the most vital piece of writing any student will be assigned to do. Also, a dissertation has a high probability of significantly contributing to your final grade hence can be very stressful. A dissertation is viewed as a method of demonstrating your abilities as a researcher. It establishes if a student can identify his or her area of interest, managing a research project, exploring a subject comprehensively, using the relevant research tools, and defining a suitable question. In humanities and social sciences, it is typical to view a dissertation as the final study piece in a course.

Also, a dissertation can be viewed as a method for students to prove that they can do their discipline, instead of just writing about it. Such a distinction is especially of relevance to dissertations of social sciences, but of less relevance to disciplines that are more academic such as philosophy. In some institutions and subjects, there are substitutes for dissertations. For instance, you may have the option to write an extended essay, or carrying out a learning project.

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For most students, dissertation writing is inevitable. Probably, it is daunting, and you have no idea where to begin from. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about, because, dissertation writing help is here to assist you in your pursuit of an excellent dissertation. Most students feel overwhelmed with dissertations because writing a dissertation takes so much effort and time. It gets more complicated because, most students lack adequate time for doing research, not to talk of writing a full dissertation. You will need a comprehensive understanding of the topic, and gathering resource materials. In addition, you have to observe the appropriate structure, format, and citation style. All these are extremely overwhelming, hence, it is recommended to seek dissertation writing help services from our dissertation writing help services.

Types of services offered;

Below are the main types of online dissertation services that we provide to our clients:

  1. Dissertation writing from scratch: We provide custom dissertation services on any topic. We have a pool of the best dissertation writers from which you can choose from, place an order for a full dissertation, or have our professional dissertation writers work on some parts of the paper such as:
  • All chapters of the dissertation
  • One writer per section such as; (Abstract, Discussion, Conclusion, Introduction, Hypothesis, Methodology, Literature, Review, Results)
  • Proposal of the dissertation. We offer dissertation proposal writing help.
  1. Best dissertation editing services: We offer professional and affordable dissertation writing and editing services to guarantee that your paper meets the expected standards before submitting it to your professor. For example, we offer APA dissertation editing services.
  2. Dissertation proofreading service: Such a service is recommended for clients who need the consistency and grammar in their papers to be checked before submission. Our professional writers will diligently work on your paper to ensure that it is free of errors that you may have disregarded.
  3. Dissertation formatting: This service is recommended for clients who are concerned about the quality of the paper, and need their paper to be checked for formatting and language style.
  4. A dissertation aims to assess your ability to carry out research independently. In a dissertation, the focus is on methodology, that is, how you conducted your research, which is contrary to other essays. We also offer dissertation methodology writing help.

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What is an undergraduate dissertation?


A written research paper that a student completes as a requirement for their bachelor’s degree program is known as an undergraduate dissertation. It indicates their ability to conduct an independent research, evaluate and interpret concepts, and write up their conclusions.


What are the steps involved in writing an undergraduate dissertation?


The following steps are involved in writing an undergraduate dissertation;

  • Selecting a topic
  • Conducting research
  • Creating an outline
  • Writing the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion
  • Editing and proofreading


How long does it take to write an undergraduate dissertation?

Depending on the student and the subject, writing the paper takes a different amount of time. Generally, it takes a few months. However, with our help we can take a few days depending on the urgency of your paper