Are you looking for dissertation results or methodology writing help? Your dissertation cannot be complete without a good dissertation methodology. Dissertation methodology is an important part of a dissertation since it discusses the method or approach you applied to undertake your research. The methodology section gives your dissertation paper reliability and validity. Several aspects should be included in your methodology section, they include;

  • How did you analyze the data
  • The type of dissertation you carried out
  • How did you obtain your data
  • The tools or instruments you used in collecting your data
  • The rationale you applied when selecting these methodologies

Softwares that we can use

Our experts can analyze your results section and provide interpretation of the results using different softwares, these include;

-R programming







Among others. Please contact us with your software of choice provides academic writing services that includes writing and editing of complete dissertations and other academic papers of different types, at affordable charges with 24/7 Customer Support. When writing your methodology section you are expected to follow several steps which include;

  • Discussing your methodological approach; mainly in this section, you will only include the research question and problem that you are investigating and the type of data that is required to answer the research problem or question. You can decide to apply quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods when collecting your data.
  • Describe research methods of obtaining data; after giving a comprehensive description of your dissertation methodological approach, are then expected to describe the methods that you applied in conducting your research. In this section, you will give an outline of the procedures, materials, and tools you applied in collecting data and the approach you adopted in selecting research participants. Several methods can be used in collecting/ selecting research participants or sources, they include, quantitative methods (surveys, experiments, and existing data), and quantitative methods (interview, observation, and existing information).
  • Provide a comprehensive description of your research approach of analysis; in this section, you are expected to illustrate how you processed and analyzed the information. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you don’t go into detail or present your research findings.
  • Justification and evaluation of the selected methodology for your dissertation; mainly in this section, you are expected to show why your selected methodology was suitable for your dissertation and why other methods were not appropriate to meet your dissertation objectives.

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Dissertation Methodology Help

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Dissertation Methodology Writing Help

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