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Are you in need of a well-written literature review assignment? A good literature review is attained if you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic or the area you are researching on. Primarily literature review assignments entail comparison and contrast of different authors’ perceptions or opinions towards a particular issue. Therefore, it is important to have a straight line of argument, since this will help your readers to have an inclusive understanding of what you are talking about based on the research topic. Considering the requirements of writing an excellent literature review, most students may find it overwhelming and time-consuming. The reason why most literature reviews are difficult to write is that each literature review has a different approach and one can only write if they are well aware of the existing approaches to writing literature reviews.

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Why does Literature Review Important

A good literature review is a clear indicator or determiner of the capability of doing substantive, comprehensive, precise, and concise research. Most students take writing a literature review as a mere formality, forgetting that a literature review is the basic necessity of any research. Therefore, a good literature review will provide a clear indication of how conversant you are with the research topic. The following are some of the importance of literature review while carrying out research;

  •  Presents interpretation of previous studies/ research
  • Compare and contrast the perception/ stand of previous research
  • Indicate the present research position
  • Assist in establishing the influence of past research
  • Identify the gap in the past research
  • Present date for coherency and relevancy

Having considered the importance of the literature review, you acknowledge that the assignment needs to be handled with utmost respect and seriousness. You are just a click away from attaining good grades through quality literature review assignments. Urgent assignment helper we are waiting for you and we hope to engage with you on matters relating to the literature review assignment soon. Academic papers, book chapters, and even some reports (especially in government agencies and non-profits) often have a section or chapter on the review of the relevant literature.

How to Write the Chapter for my Dissertation

A literature review is a section of research that entails a survey of scholarly sources on a particular research topic. Therefore, while writing a literature review, you should follow several steps which include

  • Looking for relevant literature
  • Source evaluation
  • Establishing literature gaps
  • Creating a literature outline
  • After considering the above four-step you can start writing your literature review.

It is also important to consider that the literature review doesn’t concentrate on summarizing the past research but rather to identify and analyzing past research and establish the gaps that need to be filled in the present research. we at urgentassignmenthelper take your research project seriously by making sure all the components are well thought through and relevant to the research topic. Our customer support is open on a 24-hour basis; feel free to contact us at any given time.