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What is excel Assignment help?

Excel assignment help is a service provided by which offers assistance and guidance to individuals who require help with their Microsoft Excel assignments. This service is intended to help professionals, academics, and researchers complete their Excel projects and assignments accurately and within the deadline. The service may include help in complex Excel tasks such as statistical analysis, project management, data management, financial analysis, Data visualization, among others. The service is provided by a group of knowledgeable and experienced excel experts and professionals who can assist clients in getting the outcomes they are looking for.

Ms Excel Assignment Helper Online

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Main Topics in Microsoft excel assignment help Service

Formulas and Functions

Powerful calculation abilities are a highlight of Excel. Users can build elaborate formulas and perform computations and data analysis using built-in functions. Here is an example of some main functions;

SUMAdds up a range of cells.=SUM(A1:A5)
AVERAGECalculates the average of a range of cells.=AVERAGE(A1:A5)
MAXReturns the highest value in a range of cells.=MAX(A1:A5)
MINReturns the lowest value in a range of cells.=MIN(A1:A5)
COUNTCounts the number of cells in a range that contain numerical values.=COUNT(A1:A5)
IFAllows users to set conditional statements.=IF(A1>10, “Yes”, “No”)
VLOOKUPSearches for a specific value in a table and returns a corresponding value in the same row.=VLOOKUP(A1, B1:C5, 2, FALSE)
CONCATENATEJoins together text strings.=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1)

Data Analysis

Variety of data analysis features are available using excel, these include

Financial Analysis

It can be used to calculate financial ratios, analyze cash flows, and calculate net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR). and create financial models using functions like ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment. financial ratios, financial planning analyze cash flows, and calculate net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR). More examples include;

  1. PMT: calculates loan payments based on interest rate, term, and principal.
  2. NPV: calculates net present value of an investment based on future cash flows.
  3. IRR: calculates internal rate of return of an investment.
  4. XNPV: calculates net present value of cash flows at irregular intervals.
  5. FV, PV, RATE, NPER, and MIRR: perform financial calculations, such as future or present value of cash flows and interest rates.

Statistical Analysis

Some of the common functions include mean and standard deviation using built-in functions like AVERAGE, MEDIAN, and STANDARD DEVIATION.

Some of the key functions in Excel used for statistical analysis include:

  1. AVERAGE: This function calculates the arithmetic mean of a range of values.
  2. STDEV: calculates the standard deviation of a range of values.
  3. CORREL: Calculates the correlation coefficient between two ranges of values
  4. T.TEST: This function can be used to conduct a two-sample t-test. This is used to test if there is a statistically significant difference between two groups of data.
  5. ANOVA: This is used to conduct an analysis of variance (ANOVA) to test for statistically significant difference between three or more groups of data.


We also provide time series homework help. Main forecasts functions include TREND, FORECAST, and LINEST. Using historical data to forecast future values is known as forecasting. Trend-based and time-series forecasting are the two primary types of forecasting. A trendline of past data is used in trend-based forecasting to predict future values. On the other hand, time-series forecasting makes predictions of future values by using statistical tools to examine patterns in historical data, such as seasonality, cyclical trends, and irregular fluctuations. The FORECAST, TREND, and GROWTH functions of Excel, as well as the Analysis ToolPak add-in, which contains more sophisticated forecasting methods like exponential smoothing and ARIMA modeling, are all available for use in forecasting. These tools enable users to produce projections for a variety of purposes, including resource allocation, financial planning, and sales forecasting.

Data Visualization

The software can be used to create visualizations of data using charts and graphs, these include bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and scatter plots. It can also be used for Conditional Formatting and creation of PivotTables.

Budgeting and Planning

It can be used to create budgets and perform financial planning. Excel may be used to generate and manage budgets and plans among other features and tasks. Users can make complex spreadsheets that remain focused on earnings and expenses, keep track of cash flow, and examine long-term financial trends. Excel is the perfect tool for planning and budgeting in both personal and business contexts because of its versatility and capability.

Some of the key functions and features include;

  1. SUMIFS: used to sum values in a range based on multiple criteria.
  2. PivotTables: used to analyze large amounts of data and summarize it in various ways.
  3. Goal Seek: used to find the input value needed to achieve a desired output value.
  4. Data Validation: used to restrict the type and range of data that can be entered into a cell.
  5. Conditional Formatting: used to highlight cells that meet specific criteria.

Conditional Formatting

The software allows you to;

  1. Highlight cells that contain specific text or numbers
  2. Use data bars to visualize values in a range of cells
  3. Apply color scales to highlight high and low values in a range of cells
  4. Add icons to cells based on their values, such as up and down arrows to show trends
  5. Use conditional formatting to format entire rows or columns based on a condition in one cell.

Macros and VBA

You may automate operations and create unique applications using Excel’s sophisticated macro and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) features. VBA is a programming language that enables you to create your own unique code, whereas macros are a collection of recorded actions that you may repeat at a later time.

Data Validation

Data validationSets rules to control the type of data that can be entered into a cell or range of cells
IF functionSets up conditions based on which data validation rules are applied
VLOOKUP functionLooks up and retrieves data from a table, which can be used in the data validation rules
COUNTIF functionCounts the number of cells in a range that meet a specific criterion
SUMIF functionSums the values in a range that meet a specific criterion

Advantages of using Excel

  1. Ease of use: Excel is user-friendly and easy to learn.
  2. Flexibility: it can be used for a wide range of tasks.
  3. Powerful features: the software offers built-in formulas, charting tools, data validation, and more.
  4. Time-saving: its features save time and increase productivity.
  5. Data analysis: the tools make it easier to analyze large amounts of data.
  6. Collaboration: it is easy to share and work collaboratively in real-time.
  7. Customization: it is highly customizable to meet specific needs.

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Online Excel Homework Help

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Excel homework answers

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Additionally, apart from completing assignments, we also offer guidance on how to use appropriate commands and softwares to do various analyses. We also provide online tutoring and editing errors associated with data formats or other problems you might experience.

We provide excel assignment solving help in the following areas:

  • Macros
  • Powershell optimization
  • FRM
  • Optimization Add-in
  • Excel Solver
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • ODBC and data linking connections
  • Amortization Tables – ARM
  • Linear Programming Problems
  • Pearson and MyITLab projects
  • Regression Analysis
  • ODBC and data linking connections
  • Financial and Economics problem-solving.
  • Add-in creation
  • Loan, Mortgage Calculations, Schedules
  • Optimization add-in

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay someone to do my Excel homework for me?

Yes, you can pay someone to do your Excel assignment. With the help of, students can complete their projects, homework, and other assignments. We have a group of skilled tutors and professionals who offer paid excel assignment. They can assist clients in getting the solutions they want. We ensure timely completion of high-quality work and provide clients with specialized Excel solutions that are customized to their individual demands.

How do you solve an assignment problem in Excel?

  1. Enter the cost matrix into an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Create a new sheet and enter the formula to calculate reduced cost.
  3. Use the solver add-in to set the objective, decision variables, and constraints.
  4. Click Solve to obtain the optimal assignment.
  5. Analyze the results and interpret the optimal assignment.

Where can I get help with Excel? are there people who provide excel homework help

You can get help with excel at They have a team that offers excel expert help online who are ready to complete your excel assignment within your deadline.

How much is an Excel tutor?

The cost depends on the amount of work involved, the technicality of the task and the due date. Contact us for a precise price quote.

How do you write formulas in Excel?

  1. Select the cell where you want to enter the formula.
  2. Type the equal sign (=).
  3. Enter the formula using cell references, values, operators, and functions.
  4. Press Enter to calculate and display the result in the selected cell.
  5. Use the fill handle to apply the formula to other cells.

Additional tips:

  • Use parentheses for order of operations.
  • Use cell references instead of hard-coded values.
  • Use Excel’s built-in functions for specific calculations such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, IF, and COUNT.
  • Use absolute and relative cell references appropriately.

Are there people who provide excel homework help?

Yes. Urgentassignmenthelper has a team of ms excel homework help experts who are ready to complete your homework.


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