A reflection paper is not simply a stream of a mindful mind dump in writing, nor a summary of the course readings. Rather, it is the identification of the key themes of the readings, in combination with classroom experiences and how they both impact your practice and thinking. A reflective report allows you to include your ideas and analysis to what you have been reading and experiencing. The purpose of writing a reflection paper is to demonstrate how you understand the concept and how it impacts your thoughts and your prospective future career.

Critical reflection is an important exercise that requires as much work and time as traditional reports and essays because, it natures students to be engaged and purposeful participants, readers, and thinkers.

Types of Reflection Writing in APA or MLA

Reading Reflection: Professors from a majority of the interdisciplinary courses may instruct you to submit a reading reflection, to encourage thoughtful and balanced assessment of readings. In most cases, professors explain to students what is expected of a reflection. The main purpose of a reading reflection is to prompt your informed views on concepts presented in the text, and considering how they impact your understanding. Reading reflections provide a chance of recognizing, and probably analyzing your assumptions which could be challenged by the text (s).

In critical reflection, a persistent and thoughtful inquiry is necessary. Critical reflection involves basic questions such as, “what is the evidence?” and “what is the thesis?” because, they are vital in demonstrating your understanding. You should also interrogate your knowledge and assumptions to exhaust your analysis and focus your text assessment.

Experiential Reflection: It is common in professional programs such as nursing, business, education, forensics, and social work. Reflection is a fundamental aspect of developing links between theory and practice. If your professor asks you to reflect on your experience in a placement, in addition to describing your experience, you also assess it based on the ideas you learned in class. For example, you can evaluate a theory or an approach based on your practice and observations, then evaluate your knowledge and skills within your field of profession.  At urgentassignmenthelper.com we understand that taking the time in thinking about failures, successes, actions, and choices is best done within a certain framework, such as work placement objectives and course theme, and we are dedicated to ensuring that we adhere to your framework. Abstract theories can become real and concrete to you when reflected within your personal experiences, and reflecting on your experiences assists you in making improvement plans.

The best way of discussing your experiences in a work placement is within the context of organizational or personal goals. Such a strategy provides important perspective and insight for your personal growth in the profession. In reflective writing, balancing descriptive writing with critical analysis and reflection is important.

Reflection Paper Format or Outline / Template

  1. Reflective Essay Introduction

When planning your reflective essay outline, it is best to begin discussing the lessons you have learned and then in the main body to provide evidence of what you have learned by using specific events and experiences. Another option would be, begin with the event or experience, and build on your argument.

  1. Main body

For each paragraph, explain one learning or a theme. In the body, you should highlight and explore the events and experiences that you stated in the introduction. If you aim to build toward answering a reflective question, then you can discuss each relevant event or experience.

Reflection is centralized within the personal experience of an individual, therefore, it is vital to make experiences the key element of reflection. It does not imply that most of the reflection paper should describe an event, instead, you should only discuss enough to allow the reader to understand your analysis. Analyze all your experiences and synthesis new learning from them.

  1. Conclusion

Conclude by stating or restating your learning, based on your synthesis and analysis. If you have more than one theme in your reflection, you can restate them in your conclusion. Also, highlight and illustrate how the lessons will impact your prospective career. If you aim to answer a reflection prompt or an essay question, you should ensure that the conclusion gives a concise response with the main body providing evidence.

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