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As the name suggests, a research proposal is a statement that provides a brief explanation of what you intend to research. The research topic you select is significant since it gives guidelines in content research and how you will explore during the research. In addition, the research proposal plays an essential role in attaining solid results. There are six elements that a good proposal should have;

  • Presentation of the research topic. This section entails introducing your research topic to your readers and explaining why your research topic matters to you.
  • Research question identification. At this phase, students are required to come up with a research question: what is that gap the research intends to answer or fill. Mainly the research question entails the subject and the topic covered or addressed in the research paper.
  • Literature review. This phase entails analyzing the previous research conducted on a similar topic. Here you will identify the last research gap never covered and highlight how your research will address that gap.
  • Methodology and design. Since it is research, you will be required to gather data, analysis, and interpret it. Students will be required to describe the tools and instruments used in the research briefly.
  • Discussion. You will write down research outcomes and your thoughts on the research findings at this phase.
  • Conclusion. In this step, you will be required to summarize the research and suggest what future research should cover

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A dissertation proposal is regarded to be one of the complex academic tasks. It demands a lot of precision, and the proposal should be original, meaning it should be free from plagiarism. A dissertation proposal consists of an overview of what you intend to study or research in the future. The proposal should be detailed and precise so that it will tell your instructor what your research is all about. One of the components that confuse most students is how to outline or come up with the research methodology. The research draft contributes significantly to the success of your dissertation research. Considering the complexity of the dissertation proposal, it is recommended you seek help with your proposal to avoid jeopardizing your future. is the recommended website to ensure that you attain good grades in your dissertation proposal. What you need to do is to contact us today. Our customer support and our expert writers have immersed experience in dissertation writing. We offer a variety of dissertation help services which include

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  • Topic justification
  • Highlighting the research background and the importance of the research
  • Formulating the research methodology
  • Dissertation proposal editing and formatting

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