R programming is one of the oldest programming languages to ever exist. In recent years there has been an increase in data science, hence the popularity of the R programming. R programming is a difficult language since students are required to invest a considerable amount of time for them to have a command of the R programming language. Considering the demands of learning the r programming, most students are opting to look for online assistance.

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R is one of the programming languages and software packages, which are used in coverage, applied mathematical analysis, and illustration of graphics. R allows incorporation with the processes written within the algebraic language, C++, Python, C, or Net. R programming language is a well-established, effective, and easy with good information storage and handling facility, which in addition presents a collection of operators for calculating matrices, arrays, vectors, and lists. On most occasions, the R programming language is used in big tech companies such as Google and Facebook. R programming language is rarely used in academics. Using r programming in data analysis, you are expected to follow several steps which include modeling, transforming, communicating, and programming. In addition, the R programming language is utilized in machine learning algorithms and statistical inference.

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Possible Applications

R programming has several applications which include statistical computing and data analysis. As a student, you are likely to come across the following R programming topic language

  • Lists and vectors: In R programming vectors are homogeneous information structures that entail elements of similar information types, which on most occasions include numeric, integer, and character, while on the other hand lists are heterogeneous information structures entailing elements of different information types.
  • Functions: a function can be a set of statements arranged along to undertake a specific task. An R programming language entails a considerable amount of internal functions and at the same time the user will come up with their functions.
  • R packages: R packages mainly contain a set of library functions
  • Matrices: matrices in R programming languages are objects during which the elements are arranged in a two-dimensional rectangular layout. They entail sections of similar data types.
  • Data frames: data frames in R programming language can exist as a table or a two-dimensional array similar to a structure during which the column entails values of not more than one variable, while the row entails one set of values from every column.

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