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Precalculus is a course that includes topics such as polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, circular functions, and analytic trigonometry. In this course students will study polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric equations. The student will use the main ideas from algebra to solve linear and quadratic equations using a graphing calculator. The course also covers circle theory and applications of trigonometry in areas such as classical mechanics and physical science.

Precalculus is a college-level course that serves as an introduction to advanced mathematics. Students are taught how to apply algebraic operations, basic trigonometry, and other advanced topics to science, engineering, and business math problems after mastering concepts such as functions, polynomials, exponential functions, logarithms, conic sections, sequences and series. Precalculus also challenges students by using more abstract thinking than they were typically exposed to in Algebra I or Algebra II.

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Precalculus is a course in high school or college that prepares mathematics students for calculus. Precalculus equips students with the basic concepts of calculus and it is divided into trigonometry and math analysis. Students who take Precalculus are required to learn a lot of course materials and recall several concepts from other mathematical branches. Most students find this quite challenging. Students who could not understand trigonometry concepts in previous academic levels will have a hard time understanding precalculus and Calculus.

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