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Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the properties, relationships, and measurement of figures in a space with a set of characteristics made from assumptions. Hence, the study of geometry begins with several assumptions concerning the space in which several figures exist, and then makes conclusions on those figures. There are many sub-branches in geometry such as:

  • Algebraic geometry: It is a sub-branch in geometry that is associated with the study of algebraic variations, that are sets of solution of polynomial equations’ systems. At times, they are manifolds but most often, they are not “smooth”, because they have “singular points”.
  • Riemannian geometry: This sub-branch of geometry is associated with the study of manifolds constructed with the supplementary structure of a Riemannian metric, which is a method of determining angles between tangent vectors and lengths of curves.
  • Complex geometry: It is the study of manifolds that locally appear like conventional n-dimensional spaces that are demonstrated on complex numbers instead of real numbers. This branch is closely related to algebraic geometry.
  • Symplectic geometry: This branch has a very topological nature. It is the study of manifolds that are equipped with a symplectic form, which is a supplementary structure. Symplectic manifolds are naturally arising in physical systems from classical mechanics, and in physics, they are referred to as phases spaces.
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